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A New Zealand based real estate investment company that focuses on acquiring and managing residential properties for rental purposes.

A leading real estate group based in New Zealand approached YourLegal 


The Challenge

The real estate company was considering selling properties in their portfolio and wanted to fully understand the potential financial impact of such a decision. To help them make informed decisions, they sought advice from YourLegal on the opportunity cost of their holdings.

The Solution

We conducted a thorough opportunity cost analysis for the real estate company, considering market conditions, interest rates, and projected returns. They we provided recommendations and ongoing support for the company’s commercial decisions.

Resounding Achievements

The impact of our

Conduct Detailed Opportunity Cost Analysis
YourLegal promptly began gathering the necessary financial information and conducting an opportunity cost analysis of the properties in question. They took into account factors such as current market conditions, interest rates, projected rent and sale prices, and the potential return on investment from holding or selling the properties.
Ongoing Support for Real Estate Group's Commercial Decisions

After completing the analysis, YourLegal presented the results to the real estate group and provided recommendations on the most financially viable option. YourLegal also provided ongoing support to Real Estate Group’s Commercial Decisions.

Real Estate the

Tech Stack

Office 365 for preparation of Report
Office 365 for preparation of Report
Real Estate the

Value Delivered

YourLegal successfully delivered valuable financial advice to the real estate group, aiding in informed commercial decisions regarding properties. The company expressed great satisfaction with YourLegal’s level of service and expertise, and plans to continue the partnership in the future.¬†