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YourLegal's Accurate Migration of Complete Set of Books from QuickBooks Desktop to ZohoBooks Makes the Transition Smooth and Easy


Oral Care


Hong Kong

About the

A Hong Kong-based oral hygiene company with the goal of promoting healthy smiles and eliminating oral disease


The Challenge

The company had been using QuickBooks Desktop for several years but was looking to switch to a more user-friendly and cost-effective solution that can enable them access to their financial information on the go.

The Solution

The solution included migrating the company from QuickBooks Desktop to ZohoBooks, providing seamless data transfer and comprehensive training for the accounting team. YourLegal ensured a smooth transition, empowering the company with a user-friendly and accessible financial management solution while offering ongoing support for effective utilization.

Resounding Achievements

The impact of our

Transitioning from Legacy Software to ZohoBooks

YourLegal swiftly established a secure remote connection to the company’s financial records and began the process of transferring all data from QuickBooks Desktop to ZohoBooks. We worked closely with the company’s management to ensure that all data was accurately transferred and that the transition was seamless.

Hands on Training to Company’s Accounting Team

In addition to transferring the data, YourLegal also provided training to the company’s staff on how to use ZohoBooks and answered any questions they had. They also provided ongoing support to the company to ensure that they were able to effectively use the new bookkeeping software.

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Tech Stack

ZohoBooks for Migrating the accounting data
QuickBooks Desktop for accessing legacy data for migration
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Value Delivered

YourLegal was able to successfully migrate the company’s complete set of books of accounts from QuickBooks Desktop to ZohoBooks, providing a more user-friendly and cost-effective solution for the company. The company was extremely satisfied with the level of service and expertise provided by YourLegal and plans to continue working with them in the future.